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The health care industry as well as the life science industry are both complex, – but also inspiring and fascinating to work with.

The industry has over the last decade changed dramatically leading to increased regulatory, clinical and health economic requirements. The payers have become a very important part of decision processes. Despite the changes, our industry continuously introduce innovation.

Coping with MedTech marketing as part of the commercial strategy has never been more essential – and companies agree. Our investigation from 30 companies documents that 96 % agree “that a commercial strategy is important for success”*.

Some claim that MedTech marketing is an art (Medical Device marketing, Terri Wells 2010.) and we agree. It takes years of experience to understand how to create a red thread from idea to market and the right positioning. The red thread is important irrespective of size and age of company.

Our Sinua MedTech Marketing Model offers you a red thread providing an overview of all commercial aspects necessary for doing business within health care and the life science industry.

*Source report: “optimering af medtech projekters værdi”. 2013. Charlotte Bruun Piester