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Business strategy

“Strategy is not only for the big ones”.
Sinua Partners

Irrespective of the size and the age of your company, a business strategy is a must in order to provide a framework for your company’s direction and success.

  • A business strategy describes current status of your company and the present market situation
  • It sets ambitious goals that are measurable and obtainable – inclusive of financial objectives
  • It sets direction on how to get there and maps competencies needed to reach goals and objectives
  • It includes key performance indicators and timelines so that you can measure and evaluate goals and objectives

It tells you when to implement, monitor and evaluate.



63 % of all start-ups have an exit strategy as part of their business plan. This is likely because development is costly due to increased regulatory and clinical demands combined with a challenging healthcare market in terms of access and economical understanding. An exit strategy is a requirement in most funding applications.