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“Optimise the value of your medtech innovation”
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“The 30 others”

“What does it take to create the fastest and greatest possible success, and when?”

Presenting a report based on 30 interviews with a business focus on the commercial elements in a MedTech development project.*

What does it take to create the fastest and greatest possible success, and how long time?

The answers can be found in this report collecting input from 30 Danish companies who are all innovative  medical technology projects under development.

The main objective with the analysis was to investigate the hypothesis: If the commercial focus of a new innovative development project isn’t prioritized because of the increased complexity that medical technology projects are facing, – it can be crucial to prove the business case and the value of the project.

30 companies were invited to participate in the survey. The companies were start-ups and established companies.

  • A lot of people work with the challenges highlighted in the report. Several will be able to recognize the challenges these companies are facing on their journey
  • The strength of the report is that it collects here and now experience from 30 existing companies and thereby it highlights and represents relevant challenges
  • The report provides solutions as regards how to get around some of the challenges

Based on the interviews the hypothesis was confirmed. Commercial focus is often disregarded compared to many others tasks. Initially there is often a lack of understanding and clarification of the type of tasks lying ahead and who should be responsible for carrying them out.

The exact financial consequences can’t be concluded on the basis of the survey. But the risk of not being able to prove the business case inclusive of timing of the project is huge.

My conclusion is that lack of priority on the commercial part of the project might jeopardizing the ability to reach targets and timelines.

Charlotte Piester

Author of the 30 others

*Source report: “optimering af medtech projekters værdi”. 2013. Charlotte Bruun Piester