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“No one can whistle
a symphony, it takes
a whole orchestra
to play it”
H. E. Luccock

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The Sinua Team

Sinua Partners consist of a highly skilled team.
Our key strengths are:

  • In depth knowledge and experience in driving successful businesses
  • Many years’ local and global specialisation within our field
  • Valuable networks within public institutions and private companies

Some of our key competences

  • Voice of Customer* activities
  • Strategy and business development
  • Sales & marketing
  • Medical Marketing / content marketing
  • Clinical knowledge
  • Health economics
  • Registration, classification & regulation
  • Pricing, reimbursement
  • Go-to-market

*Voice of the customer (VOC) is a term used in Business and Information Technology to describe the in-depth process of capturing a customer’s expectations, preferences and resentment . Source: