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“Be rigid”
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Business case

We recommend that from the very beginning you create a business case. The financial part of the business case is intended to be used as background for decision making and evaluation of activities irrespective of the size of your company.

When you create a business case you create a set of assumptions that must be validated and improved. It is important to bear in mind that a business case is only as good as the information and data involved. It is crucial that figures are assessed and validated with a critical mind.

You might want to start with a business case ‘light.’ Over time, it is important to have an in-debt case to ensure you have enough detailed data and information to work with.

A good business case supports the foundation of the company with facts that can support important decision making and highlight cost-saving activities.

“Be rigid” is about keep going until the facts are available to drive your business professionally.


When you make your plan think of:

  • Who is your target group
  • Get the right knowledge in from start
  • Create a concrete and realistic business description
  • Schedule & milestones with clear priorities
  • Economy incl. revenue potentials based on a solid business case
  • Build hypotheses that can be tested
  • Corporate structure and organization