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“That’s the secret! Convince yourself that your startup is worth investing in, and then when you explain this to investors, they’ll believe you”
Paul Graham

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Your pitch

Your pitch is key.

“You have to get around 360 degrees of your idea in a short time or in one page”.
Sinua Partners

It has to be 100 % professional in order to make the right people interested in investing in your product, service and/or company.

To create interest from a large organization that has plenty of projects to choose between you have to be able to make a professional pitch. You have to get 360 degrees around your idea in a very short time.


When you prepare think:

  • Create a simple and easy story to tell
  • Know your audience
  • Build you presentation & speech
  • Know what your audience have their focus around
  • Know your project in depth
  • Practice, practice, practice